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Creep Fenders

Creep Fenders

A Creep Fender is positioned in front of the Farrowing Ark after Farrowing providing a protective "run" for piglets when very small.

The Fender stays on the Farrowing Ark until the first pig is strong enough to climb over the Fender which is generally within 10-14 days of farrowing. 

The Fender measures 1.25m (4') long x 1.25m (4') wide x 0.38m (15") high simply attached via an Anti-Luce Fastener fitted to the Ark.  As with all our equipment, the Fender is galvanised for maximum life expectancy.

The Fender is supplied in kit form for self assembly and as standard includes an Anti-Luce Fastener connection to be screwed to the Farrowing Hut

Creep Fender

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