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Dry Sow Arks

Our range of Dry Sow Arks are designed to house groups of multiple Sows during either Serving or Gestation and are built to the highest quality available to give you the best possible housing combined with the best value for money and longest life expectancy.

Each Dry Sow Ark measures 2.3m (7'6") wide x 1.2m (4') high and is available in either Small 2.3m (7'6") long, Medium 3.0m (10') long or Large 3.8m (12'6") long.  All Arks are galvanised so they last and are built on a timber sub frame around the base.

Ventilation is vital to make the Ark as comfortable as possible promoting air movement and each Dry Sow Ark includes a 300mm x 300mm Sliding Rear Vent mounted in the back panel. 

Each Ark has a 1.0m/39" wide x 0.9m/35" high front Doorway however this can be reduced to a Narrow Doorway if required.

For additional ventilation, the back panel can be fitted with a Lift Out Door which can be removed in summer months completely or moved from one end of the Ark to the other in inclement weather.

All Dry Sow Arks include a pair of Lifting Hooks 


Small Dry Sow (3-4 Sows / 4-5 Gilts)

Medium Dry Sow (4-5 Sows / 5-6 Gilts)

Large Dry Sow (5-6 Sows / 7-8 Gilts)

Lift Out Back Door

Narrow 0.5m/20" Doorway

Price on Application 

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