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Q: Do your Arks have floors, I've been told I need a floor?

Absolutely not, we would never put a floor in...Read More

Q: How do I clean one of your Arks out?

I've read a great deal about the merits of Arks...Read More

Q: Do your Arks have rails inside?

No, rails within Arks really aren't required...Read More

Q: Do I need a heat lamp inside the hut?

No, we don't need to generate additional heat...Read More

Q: Can I paint the Arks?

We would not recommend painting any of our...Read More

Q: How long do Arks last?

Life expectancy of Arks varies depending...Read More 

Q: Are your Arks assembled?

Some of our Arks are delivered assembled...Read More 

Q: How do I calculate the right size Dry Sow Ark?

It is extremely important that the stocking density...Read More

Q: Which size water trough do I need?

It is very important to calculate the correct...Read More 

Q: What is a Creep Fender for and do I need one?

The Creep Fender is positioned in front of the...Read More 

Q: What benefit is an Insulated Roof on a Farrowing Ark?

Insulating the Roof of a Farrowing Ark will...Read More

Q: What size Feeder would I need for 1 sow?

Required daily feed intake for sows will vary...Read More 

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