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Q: Can I paint the Arks?

We would not recommend painting any of our Arks.  We are asked frequently if huts can be painted in colours that have less environmental impact, for example, green huts look more appealing in the field.  However, this will have a clear detremental effect on the performance of the Ark, and subsequently the welfare of the pigs.

A galvanised hut which is very reflective will be much cooler during the summer opposed to darker colours which absorb more heat.  Galvanised huts will naturally dull with time and research has proved that if you paint sheets which are 3 years old, and subsequently dulled, with white paint, this will reduce the huts internal temperature by 8-10c.

The difference in temperature between dark green and galvanised steel is even more dramatic.  So, we would not recommend painting huts any colour which reduces their reflectivity.  Dark sheets will absorb more heat during winter but this really isn't important as no suplimentry heat source is required.