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Q: Do your Arks have floors, I've been told I need a floor?

Absolutely not, we would never put a floor in a Pig Ark.  This is for a number of reasons as follows:

  • Floors harbour bacteria within the hut therefore the health status will drop as will animal welfare as the risk of disease increases.
  • In Farrowing Huts, floors generally lead to an increase in mortality because the surface is much harder resulting in more piglets being crushed.
  • Floors offer the perfect environment for harbouring vermin beneath the Ark increasing the chance of disease.
  • Floors will actually encourage draughts and they certainly wont be air tight so will be colder.  A conventional Ark with no floor and straw bedding will seal against the ground.
  • Whilst floors will reduce straw useage, in Farrowing Huts, the sows natural nesting instincts will be limited without straw bedding and without the straw, the pigs will not stay as warm. 
  • Doorways with floors will become more slippery increasing the chance of lameness in both sows and piglets alike.
  • Arks with floors are much more labour intensive than those without.

To most people floors seem logical however experience has proved them to be detrimental.  No commercial pigs are bred within Arks with floors for the reasons outlined above.  If they were an advantage, every Ark would have one.