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Q: How do I calculate the right size Dry Sow Ark?

It is extremely important that the stocking density within any Ark is maintained correctly, ensuring the pigs are housed in a comfortable environment in-line with RSPCA Freedom Foods Welfare Regulations.

All Sows should be housed at a Stocking Rate not exceeding 1.5m2 laying area per sow and 1.0m2 laying area per Gilt.

When calculating the Stocking Density of our Dry Sow Arks, this equates to the following:

Small Dry Sow Ark: 3-4 Sows/4-5 Gilts

Medium Dry Sow Ark: 4-5 Sows/5-6 Gilts

Large Dry Sow Ark: 5-6 Sows/7-8 Gilts