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Q: How long do the Arks last?

Life expectancy of Arks varies depending on on the Ark type and what they are used for.  Farrowing Arks will generally last longer than Dry Sow Arks because of the frequency that they're moved.  

Corrosion is very hard to estimate because it can depend on many factors, soil nutrient levels and location can both have a major impact. 

We have many customers who have Farrowing Arks 10-15 years of age and Dry Sow Arks 8-10 years of age and given that these are in a commercial environment, which is generally more corrosive, for a Smallholder we would estimate this as the minimum life expectancy you can expect from your Ark. 

By ensuring all metal parts are galvanised and all wood parts are treated, we do everything possible to ensure your Ark lasts as longer than any other.

As is a common saying: the life of the Ark depends on whether the person moving it, paid for it.