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Q: Which size water trough do I need?

It is very important to calculate the correct size Water Trough for your specific needs.  All recomendations are based on RSPCA Freedom Foods Welfare Standards.

"All Pigs must have continued access to an adequte supply of clean, fresh drinking water each day, except when required by the attending veterinary surgeon"

These Welfare Standards state that:

"A drinking space is defined as space required by a single pig whilst drinking. Drinking places should be spaced sufficiently to allow all places to be occupied at one without interferance from pigs at other drinking places". 

For Sow's and Boars, this practically translates to a single Water Trough per paddock with a maximum of 2 sows per drinking space.  Therefore, a 1.2m Drinking Trough providing 2 drinking spaces will be adequate for 4 sows.  We reccommend a maximum of 10 pigs per drinking place for Weaner, Grower and Finishing pigs.