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Adult Revolving Water Troughs

Our range of Adult Revolving Water Troughs offer an ingenious way of supplying clean, fresh water to pigs from late growers and finishers up to fully grown Sows.

A better supply of clean, fresh water will invariably lead to higher feed intake not only increasing weight gain but also improving condition.

With conventional Drinking Troughs the capacity is much larger and it's not practical or cost effective to decant the dirty water as frequently as is required. 

The Adult Revolving Water Trough has a smaller capacity and the ingenious mechanism allows the trough to be rotated simply with the water supply remaining static, thus decanting the soiled water.

The Trough has an overall frame height of 275mm/11" and an overall width of 440mm/17", the actual drinking space measuring 400mm/16" wide x 210mm/8" deep.

Each Trough includes dividing bars as standard and is available in either Small - 1.25m/4', Medium - 2.0m/6'6" or Large - 2.5m/8' lengths.

When calculating the size of Trough you require, 1 Drinking space measures on average 350mm/14" and is sufficient for up to a maximum of 10 pigs.

When choosing our Revolving Water Troughs you can be confident you are giving your pigs the best possible chance and the highest possible welfare.  


Small - 1.25m/4'0" Adult Revolving Water Trough with 2 Drinking Spaces

Medium - 2.0m/6'6" Adult Revolving Water Trough with 4 Drinking Spaces

Large - 2.5m/8' Adult Revolving Water Trough with 5 Drinking Spaces

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