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Barrel Drinkers with Bite Drinkers

220L Barrel Drinker

As an alternative to open water sources such as Static or Revelving Water Troughs, our range of Barrel Drinkers offer an affordable method of ensuring your pigs always have access to clean water.

A 1/2" Part 1 Valve is included that can be connected to your supply for self filling.  The bite drinker is activated by, as the name suggests, the pigs biting the drinker starting the water flow.

Each Barrell Drinker is supplied with 6 x Stainless Steel Bite Drinkers and is available in either Small - 120L capacity or Large 220L capacity.

The drinker is designed to be adjustable meaning you can specifically set the barrell height to suit your pigs.  As the pigs grow so the height can be adjusted however please note that the water needs to run down / drain before hand.

The drinker includes a rigid sheetmetal plinth meaning it can be easily relocated and the pigs will have a stable and secure area to stand whilst drinking.


Small - 120L with 6 Bite Drinkers

Large - 220L with 6 Bite Drinkers

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