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Drinking Troughs

Our range of traditional Drinking Troughs are made from an all steel construction which is then hot dipped galvanised to ensure maximum longevity.

Each Drinking Trough measures 0.45m/18" wide 0.33m/13" deep and is available in either Small - 1.25m/4', Medium - 2.0m/6'6" or Large - 2.5m/8' lengths.

All Drinking Troughs include Dividing Bars meaning pigs can drink from the Trough but not wallow helping to maintain the water quality. 

When calculating the size of Trough you require, 1 Drinking space measures approximately 360mm/14" and is sufficient for up to a maximum of 10 pigs.  Note that the 200mm wide Service Box uses 1 Drinking Space.

All Troughs feature a Clean Water Service Box and include a 1/2" brass valve and plastic float. 

The Service Box can be positioned either centrally or at one end so if required the Trough can be positioned in a fence line to service 2 paddocks.


Small - 1.25m Drinking Trough with 3 Spaces

Medium - 2.0m Drinking Trough with 5 Spaces

Large - 2.5m Drinking Trough with 6 Spaces

Price on Application 

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