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Why buy from us?


Our parent company, Booth's, are renowned for producing the very highest quality equipment available exporting commercial pig equipment throughout the world.  This commitment to quality has been inherited by The Pig Ark Co.


With over 30 years experience building Pig Arks, we think we have a pretty good idea as to what works, what doesn't and why. Click on the "What to look out for when buying your Ark" link to see why we do what we do and why we do it better than anyone else.


We are more than happy to discuss any requirements you have, large or small, whether to house a pet or to set up a small commercial enterprise, giving you practical and honest advice based on our own extensive experience.  Please click on the FAQ's tab to see freequently asked questions, your circumstances may not be unique.


Uniquely, all of our products are designed specifically to meet the RSPCA Freedom Foods Welfare Guidelines.  Animal welfare is our priority and this is key to the design of our Arks and Accessories.     


We are totally confident that our Arks are the best value for money available to you. Sure, we may not be the cheapest, but we are offering the best Arks with the highest longevity available, ensuring they will continue working for many, many years.

Call 01903 716960 for more information or to order