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All weather Feeders

All Weather Feeders

Feed and labour are the biggest outgoings on any pig enterprise, large or small.  Hand feeding on a daily basis is time consuming, wasteful and expensive.

All Weather Feeders are self contained, stand-alone units offering an affordable solution to how to supply feed Ad-Lib to outdoor pigs, economically, for smaller producers.

Feeders must be both vermin proof and water proof.  Water ingressing into the feeder will lead to blockages and vermin will inevitably spread disease.  Feed left on the ground will be trodden into the ground and wasted and feed is an increasingly expensive commodity.

This Station, in-line with RSPCA Freedom Foods Welfare Standards is able to feed a maximum of 10 pigs per feed place and is suitable for most size pigs. 

This Feeder is available with a starting capacity of 110kg. When calculating the size you require, please allow a maximum of 10 pigs per feed place.  

The metal plinth base adds stability and features integral fork sockets making relocating simple.

To reduce water ingress and to prevent access by vermin, the feed place is covered with a hinged flap lifted by the pig when in use, dropping back down covering the feed trough when not in use.  An adjustable "rake" is included meaning the flow can be adjusted to suit different feed types.  The feeder features a water tight lid to ensure no food spoilage.

With our Feed Stations you can be confident you are giving your pigs the best possible chance and reducing labour and feed wastage should pay large dividends in the future.     

Single space 110 kg Feed Station

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