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Barrel Drinkers

220L Water Barrel Drinker

A reliable supply of clean fresh drinking water is essential for pigs of all ages. 

Our range of Barrel Drinkers has been developed as an alternative to open water troughs.  Each drinking space consists of a Stainless Steel Bite Drinker which is acticated by the pig biting on it.

This means the water can stay clean unlike an open water source and waste is reduced.

The drinking requirements change as the pigs grow and these Barrel Feeders are height adjustable so that they will suit any pigs from weaning up to fully grown.

Supply is via a 1/2" BSP Brass Valve with Plastic Float meaning the Barrel is constantly full.

Each Barrel includes 6 bite drinkers, further furher details on how many pigs this will servce, please see the "Which size Drinker do I need?" page for further details.

Relocating the Drinker is simple as it is built on a steel plinth with integral fork sockets.

120L Barrel Drinker with 6 Bite Drinkers: £459.00

220L Barrel Drinker with 6 Bite Drinkers: £489.00

Additional Stainless Steel Bite Drinkers: £15.00

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